Gas safe approved Price match guarantee Trusted service Up to 10 Year warranty New customer discount
Gas safe approved Price match guarantee Trusted service 10 Year warranty No callout charge
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Let us service your boiler

Let us service your boiler

To keep your boiler running safely and efficiently we recommend that you get your boiler serviced annually. The warranty of many new boilers may be invalidated if boilers are not serviced regularly.

We are happy to carry out an annual service on your boiler even if we have not installed it.

We have a comprehensive 7 point service plan for only £75, or only £60 for first time customers.

Landlords gas safety certificate

Landlords gas safety certificate

If your rental property has a gas boiler or any gas appliances, an annual safety certificate is a legal requirement.

Your legal duties as a landlord cover any gas appliances that you own and provide for tenants in your property. If the tenant supplies their own gas appliances, then you will be responsible for its installation but not the appliance itself.

Our prices include a certificate for a boiler and gas hob or cooker. There may be an additional charge for other gas appliances such as a gas fire.

Gas safety certificate:

Price £45*

Boiler Service and Gas safety certificate:

Price £70*

* Discounted prices for first time customers

Is your central heating broken?

Is your central heating broken?

Many boiler faults can easily be resolved by the home owner. When you call us, we will ask you some basic questions about your boiler and will always try to resolve your problem free of charge. If we are unable to resolve your fault on the phone we can arrange a call out with one of our gas safe engineers.

On the rare occasions that we are unable to resolve your fault or you decide that it is not economical to repair your old boiler then our engineer will let you know and tell you your options so you can decide what to do.

Call us to discuss how we can help fix your boiler.

Fixed price repairs
Fault diagnostic £50
Fault Resolution* £75
* plus any parts required charged at cost.

Do you need a new appliance installing?

Do you need a new appliance installing?

We can install a range of gas appliances including cookers and hobs using our gas safe engineers.

The cost to install a gas hob is £95 including labour and standard fittings.

This excludes the cost to modify kitchen worktops or the costs associated with discarding any old appliance.


About us

AG Fraser are dedicated to providing a trusted and reliable gas installation and repairs service. The company was formed by Andy Fraser and Paul Kilpatrick.

Andy has been a gas engineer for over 20 years. Andy was trained by his father who was in turn trained by Andy's grandfather. Andy has an old fashioned work ethic and approach to customer service. He believes in getting the job done right without cutting corners. Paul has significant customer service experience gained while growing a national restaurant chain which he co-founded. He stumbled across Andy 5 years ago when looking for a plumber to fix his boiler. Paul was so impressed by the quality of Andy's work that he invested in him to set up and grow AG Fraser.

Paul and Andy are both available to discuss any questions that you may have.

We accept payment in full by bank transfer, debit or credit card and cash. Additionally we can offer a range of flexible payments over 3, 5, or 7 years subject to status.


Typically boiler service will take just under an hour. It may be a little longer if you ask us to look at other gas appliances such as a hob or gas fire.

As part of our service we will check your boiler and central heating system or gas appliance are safe and working correctly. Specifically we will:

  • Check to see that boiler emissions are safe.
  • Check that operating gas pressures are sufficient.
  • Clean any boiler filtration system that has been fitted.
  • Check boiler combustion and seals.
  • Top up chemical inhibitors in system.
  • Bleed all radiators.
  • Check that the boiler is operating at the right water pressure.

We will contact you 14 days before you need to have your gas service advising you that you need to arrange a service date. It will then be up to you to call us and schedule a date.

In order to ensure your boiler warranty remains valid you must service your boiler at least once per year. Your service can either be done by the boiler manufacturer or us.


It depends!

It is often uneconomical to repair older boilers as replacement parts are hard to find and expensive to fit. Therefore as a general rule we would suggest that boilers over 10 years old are replaced rather than repaired.

However some faults on older boilers can be repaired quickly with standard parts.

Our gas safe engineers can quickly determine the cause of a fault and the cost to repair it. If it is not economical to repair your boiler we can credit the cost associated with your call out against a new boiler that we fit for you.

Remember that a brand new boiler is usually much more efficient and reliable. It will also be covered by a warranty, so if it breaks the manufacturer will repair it with no extra charge.

We can service and repair all types of domestic boilers including gas, LPG and oil.

We will always do our best but it depends what the problem is. Our engineers carry lots of parts with them in their vans covering the main boiler manufacturers, but they can't carry everything. If they don't have the part that is needed to fix your boiler then we can collect it and fix it usually by the following day. We will always keep you updated as to how long we think it'll take to get your problem fixed.

If we are unable to fix your problem or you decide that it is not economical to have it fixed, then our engineer will let you know and discuss the options with you so you can decide what to do.

After discussions with a lot of customers we think this is the fairest way to charge you for the repairs on your boiler. It offers you some certainty as to what you will pay for the repair. The only additional charges are any parts that are needed and a small charge if we need to collect parts and / or return to your property to fit those parts.