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Why upgrade your heating?

Heating accounts for about 55 percent of what you spend in a year on energy bills, so an efficient boiler makes a big difference. Upgrading to a modern condensing boiler can save an average household up to £200 per year1.

There are a range of other measures you can take to save yourself money and keep your house warmer when you need it. For example Installing a room thermostat, a programmer and thermostatic radiator valves and using these controls efficiently could save you around £150 a year2.


TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) sense the air temperature around a radiator and regulate the supply of hot water to that radiator. You can therefore control the temperature of an individual room.

This will help save money by only heating those rooms that you need to be warm.


A room thermostat switches the central heating system on and off. If a room temperature falls below your required temperature then the heating is turned on and if the temperature rises above your target then the heating is turned off.


A programmer allows you to set 'on' and 'off' time periods for your central heating system. You can tailor your program to suit your own lifestyle, only heating your home when someone is in.

Modern programmers usually incorporate a room thermostat.

Magnetic System Filters

Corrosion in a sealed, wet central heating system can result in rusty sludge in the pipes. Magnetic filters can help trap sludge, protecting your boiler and help your system run more efficiently.

They are easy to clean or we can clean them as part of your annual boiler service.


Modern radiators are more energy efficient and they tend to heat up quicker due to the lower water content which is typically around 24% less than that of radiators manufactured prior to 2000.

Prices will vary significantly based on the size and type of radiator required. We would always recommend installing a TRV at the same time.

Chemical Inhibitors

A chemical inhibitor in your central heating system can decrease the corrosion rate and prevent the build-up of sludge and scale in your pipes. This will protect your boiler and help maintain heating efficiency.

An appropriate level of chemical inhibitor is also required to protect your boiler warranty.


A CombiSmart is a simple thermostatic valve that is fitted to the hot water outlet pipe on the outside of a combination boiler. It reduces the flow of water to your hot taps until the water is the right temperature. This will help reduce your water and energy use.


A powerflush is a one-off deep clean of your central heating system. It helps to get rid of the buildup of sludge and scale in your pipes which will help prevent corrosion of your boiler.

As well as protecting your boiler, it will improve your heating efficiency and cut down the risk of breakdowns.

Note about our prices

We want to be transparent in all of our pricing.

However because each central heating system is different it is difficult to be precise in our pricing. Please call us to discuss your exact requirements and we will be happy to give you a more accurate price.

Why upgrade your system with us?

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